Lyrics for 'Estuaries'

Time Master



Time Master
By Amber Lee Baker

The Time Master bends all the rules, the Devil is over the clock
Beware of the metaphors he uses, his fingers will give you a shock
You’re singled out, he knows your name, but to him this is all just a game
Look ahead, and beware, the clock is ticking and this is what he shares:

 “It’s a mortal decry that you’ll soon learn’s a lie, that your future will only hold pain
Cause it’s all just a game, a big joke to reframe, and your destiny’s yet to unfold.

So forget all your grasping, internal rehashing… what’s yours will come to you.
Stop all your pushing, attempts at controlling, it’s time to break all the rules.

So don’t be afraid
It’s time to get clear
And let go of fear, let go of fear

So give up on the cards and stop looking at stars, be present with what you see now,
All the twists and the turns, will help you learn, the solutions’ about to be found."

…Look ahead, and beware, the clock is ticking and he doesn’t care.


Only the Girls


Only the Girls
By Amber Lee Baker

Only the girls with their effervescent coalescence            
Can get away to see the phosphorescent luminescence            
Only the girls with their funny thongs and sing-alongs
Can get away from the messy throng and laugh the whole night long.

Only the girls who get water-logged in a music fog
Can get away to have a dialog about red-legged frogs
Only the girls with their hybrid cars and mason jars
Can get away to see the water stars and drink in local bars

And we float in darkness the estuary of vibrant daughters
Sparkling, gilded oars that paddle through glimmering waters…


Open the Temple


Open the Temple
By Amber Lee Baker
Open the Temple, out of the rain    
Steam rising off of the water again
Hail bouncing off of her hair and skin                     
Ice melts into the fire.
Silken vapors lifting the veil
Bodies of brightness expanding

In waves of emotion, crystals in the ocean
He touches her hair,
She bends and she breathes         
He smoothes all the edges,
She rises and frees

Across from the circle, her eyes give a smile
A smirk on his lips, yet he was still shy
Dancing with partners in separate lives    
Reaching across the divide
Simple agreement lifted the veil
Commune across space and sky…


The Rodeo Clown


The Rodeo Clown
By Amber Lee Baker and Karen Frindell
Stiff wind was blowin’ down old Route 66             
Sand scarred signs, worn out welcome to this place
He was crouching in the corner of Vick’s Whiskey and Tango
Drink in his hand, untold mystery on his face
“Fake roses in my pockets are the only thing I take                     
As I travel in my van between each dusty town
But your smile’s  as lovely as a scarlet cactus flower
Won’t you hit the road with this Lonesome Rodeo Clown”
As I watched him hurdle barrels, out running raging bulls            
His crooked smile and faded jeans beaconed me to leave
The city life I’d left behind seemed far away and empty
The road before me shimmered, this clown could set me free

Skippin’ out of town and into fates arms
Throwin’ caution to the wind
Everything dissolved before my eyes
Everything dissolved before my eyes
Legends of his exploits, tumbled out of taverns    
Sad eyed girls and loan sharks looking for their due
But his sweet serenade kept my achin’ heart a listening
As we drifted off to sleep under Highway 42
He left me at a Texaco in the deserts of Nevada 
With a plastic rose and a story about why he had to run
 “Gotta go to Arkansaws to see my dyin’ mother”
I knew he wasn’t comin’ back, our love affair was done.

The clown was smarter than he looked
He figured me a sucker, and then took me for a song
But the best he ever did for me was do me wrong…


Not as the Crow Flies


Not as the Crow Flies
By Amber Lee Baker

I let myself seep up through cracks                        
I chew on every bone
And when my belly’s finally full
I’ve brought my Demon home

Cause I’m a child of mud and twigs                                   
With dirt in every pore
And when I let my monster out
I learn to love him more

I know he’s not so nice to see                                 
The hairy, smelly mess
But he’s a blessing in disguise

Cause in the dead of every night                
I get to see my Troll
His crooked vertebrae are stacked
And satisfy my soul

Twist and tangle, rough and rangle
Look in to his eyes
Find my way through Labyrinth
But Not as the Crow Flies

Can’t keep him from coming out
Or hide him under bed
Ignore him for a month or two
And he’ll eat my head…


Bump in the Road


Bump in the Road
By Amber Lee Baker
Through the deep channels of undertows and muddy waters     
Lessons have seeped into our bones       
Gifts were forgotten and people taken hostage               
By passions and day dreams that left us alone
In this isolation tank the pictures and the prophesies
Brought for the years of each of our fears
On this microscopic plank a mirror and a puff of smoke
Kept us from seeing the path that was dear
But I stand strong in the presence of this challenge
I accept the balance of the knowledge
This is only a bump in the road       
This is only a healing to encode

Through the dark winter of simple pleasures and drastic measures
Woolen wrapped dreams have come undone
Light shone in taverns illuminating caverns
Of issues and ideas we forgot with fun

On this sailing wayward ship a siren song and starry night
Blinded our eyes to the rocks in our sight
On this pre determined trip, a package in a rope held tight
Opened and revealed the surprise snake bite

Through the blackberries and vines that catch the hopes we carry
Down the rabbit hatch, briar patch, path
Life is mysterious and love made us curious
Though fate had the knowledge it never would last
On your way, you’ve said goodbye, we’ve got separate stars to shine             
There’ll be a day, when I’ll stop crying                    
Keep the faith and don’t deny, I know my heart will mend in time           
It will be safe to keep on trying


Into Thin Air


Into Thin Air
By Amber Lee Baker

I went away,                           to find my head
When I came back,               your eyes were dead
We climbed so high,             Up to the rock
When we came down,          I saw the block

Your discontent, my unmet needs  
These things won’t do and that’s why
I’m leaving you…..                 I’m leaving you
I won’t be stopped,                By our stagnant ways
It’s time to grow,                    It’s time to play
We both tried so hard           to understand
But I took all that                    I could withstand
How long is long enough,     Could’ve worked for a thousand years
You just couldn’t get it with me                                
How to be happy,                  How to be free                      
You should be happy,           You should be free

Into thin air,     Into thin air…




By Amber Lee Baker

Run my hands, under warm water
15 heartbeats, all it takes
Cold earphones, help me listen
To all the sounds, I used to love

Its okay, I’m okay without you
Its okay, I’m okay

Warm teacup, against my chest
Feels the way, your head did
Wish I could, press my cold nose
Against your neck, and smell the sweetness


Whaler's Wife


Whaler’s Wife
By Amber Lee Baker
I live inside a house incased with roses and with thorn   
I light signals to my love and wrestle with the dawn
Spinning yarn and sewing quilts by fading candlelight
Waiting for my sailor’s arms to keep me warm at night
A Whaler’s Wife is a stolen life of waiting and memory (…agony) (…tragedy)
The Widow’s Walk and the seagull’s squawk are infallible company
Off the shores of New Guinea he wrote to me a note      
Passed between two ships at sea, it brought to me this quote:
 “Captain’s offered Spanish gold to the one who will sing out,
For the white whale of crooked jaw and curious bushy spout.”

There were ships that brought him homeward; there were ships that ran ashore
But he sailed with Captain Ahab, I will see him nevermore, I will see him nevermore…


It's Me


It’s Me
By Amber Lee Baker
I see my mind through the broken glass                
It won’t last,    it’s colorfast        
And fades away
I can’t seem to give all these hopes a chance                  
To manifest,   with the half a glance
I give to them

The monkey climbs down from the tree
To laugh at my hypocrisy
The monkey climbs down from the tree
To laugh at me in mockery

The howling moon that fades away,
Then comes again, to gloat and grin
Reminds and shames….
I squeeze the puss from my open sores
And bleed some more, like a tired whore
Who lives a curse

Who rules the illusion, who issues the pain                                   
Who opens the door, again and again
To the vampires and hounds, they chase me down
They call me names, I submit to their games,
Oh the tortured soul of reckless shame

It’s me…

I find a way to shut it up
This mental rut, I give it up
And see the joke…
The swirling circus of gossip and greed
Had taken me, but now I’m free
To live in peace...


Wildwood Flower


Wildwood Flower
Traditional arranged by Amber Lee Baker and Karen Frindell
Oh, I’ll twine mid the ringlets of my raven black hair
The roses so red and the lilies so fair
The myrtle so bright with an emerald hue
And the pale aronatus with eyes of bright blue.

I’ll sing and I’ll dance, my laugh shall be gay
I’ll cease this wild weeping, drive sorrow away
Though my heart now is breaking, he never shall know
That his name made me tremble and my pale cheeks to glow.

He taught me to love him, he called me his flower
That blossomed for him all the brighter each hour
But I woke from my dreaming my idol was clay
My visions of love have all faded away

He told me he loved me and promised to love
Through ill and misfortune all others above
Another has won him, ah misery to tell
He left me in silence, no word of farewell.

I’ll think of him never, I’ll be wildly gay
I’ll charm every heart and the crowd I will sway.
I’ll live yet to see him regret the dark hour
When he won, then neglected the frail wildwood flower.


Beautiful Decay


Beautiful Decay
By Amber Lee Baker

Park benches as bedrooms, Over manicured lawns
Deep shadows from trees, hiding misfits in corners
Fresh piles of leaves, old playgrounds, no kids

I find stillness in the beautiful decay
All the tiny voices, come out and show the way

Tombstones as benches, in the overgrown grass
Moss covered mausoleums, ancient trees swallow wrot iron
Sun beams that trickle like ghosts swirling about

I walk alone, in this strange intimacy          
In the city parks, and the rural cemeteries.