Amber Lee and the Anomalies is Neo-Accordion-Cabaret.

Amber Lee’s catchy and sultry songs are fueling the accordion’s resurgence as a sexy instrument. Singer-songwriter Amber Lee Baker’s well crafted songs, witty lyrics and infectious melodies are an important contribution to the Accordion Babe Revolution!  

Amber writes and performs original songs which range between bawdy cabaret, melodious folk ballads, gypsy tunes and soulful spirituals. 
She has been extensively touring since 2008, traveling across Northern America and Europe with her 'Main Squeeze' Accordion.

A five year veteren of the Accordion Babes Album and Pin-Up Calendar project by fellow squeezer Renee de la Prade, Amber has hit the road with Renee to bring the Squeeze Box Revolution to the masses in multiple Accordion Babe Tours troughout 2009 - 2012.

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Here's a more detialed background bio: 
Amber Lee Baker picked up an accordion in a music shop in 2002 and instantly fell in love. A childhood of piano and voice lessons gave her a passion for music, but it was the accordion that really allowed her to find her true voice.

Amber knew that music would always be a part of her life, but chose to major in architecture in college and spent many years pursuing that path before the accordion took over her life. In 2009 she took the leap of faith and left architecture for the life of a full time musician. After realizing what a crazy and difficult hussle touring can be, Amber supplemented her touring with accordion repair and accordion lessons. She now works part-time at Smythe's Accordion Center and teaches private lessons (email her at amber@amberleeandtheanomalies.com for more info)

Amber still occasionally helps people with thier design and drafting needs. She still has a passion for architecture, but says "there's plenty of time for that when I'm older."